Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Late September and I Really Should Be Back At School

You Stole My Soul and That's a Pain I Can Do Without...

Most of the year, this song bugs me.

But for a week or two after Labor Day every year, I'll hear this song... and be struck by the sense of melancholy and loss. And the painful realization the poor sap in this song would do it all again...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

And Waste Another Year

Something Better Happen Soon

Looking past the signs at the start of the long, slow drive west.

The dew on the trees already.

The summer turning fall.

The nights turning cold.

This time different, you say.

This time it means something.

And yet, you're not sure.

You don't want to see it slip away.

Like the long, slow drive west.

But she gets in the car. Packed. Like it's always packed.

And you say something. And she says something.

Not the things you've said before.

And she starts the car.

And you wave as she drives.

And she waves once.

And then you can't see anymore.

You look. Stand there.

For a long time.

You think you hear something. Maybe she's turned around. Maybe she forgot something.


And then the cold hits you.

And you think: Maybe not.

Because it's fall. And it's getting colder.

And soon it will snow.

And that's not what you want.

Not this year.

Not this time.

Not without her.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Your Friends Don't Know...

I don't care the way they talk...

Psychologists of the future may have a field day interpreting why I loved this song when it first came out.

Or maybe they'll just listen and enjoy...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

McCartney at Dodger Stadium

I knew dozens of people at this show. Oddly, none of them offered me a free ticket.

But we live in a world of miracles, wonder, and the intertubes.

I imagine this will be gone shortly.

But while it's up, enjoy.